“How do you respond to “And why are you still single?””

Inspired by:
The Single Woman’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 1

How do you respond to “And why are you still single?”

I’m still single because I am trying to build a stronger sense of self so that I can bring more to the table.  I feel that in order for me to be “one” with someone, I need to know that I can stand on my own.  I have many issues personally that I am trying to sort out.  Any distractions from that would possibly get in the way of me truly getting to know myself.   And much to my dismay, yet my happiness, I have a strong sense of independence.  It’s a double edged sword at times.  However, I have yet to meet “the one”.  Yet I’m not rushing it.  I don’t feel an intense need for that at this very moment.  I think a puppy would be better.


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